Joe Chen, Jin Han cast in upcoming rom-com

Hello, My Shining Love 遇见璀璨的你 is an upcoming rom-com starring Joe Chen (Love Actually) and Jin Han (No Secrets) as two difficult people who accidentally begin living together and eventually fall in love.

Dugu Ruonan (Joe Chen) is a brilliant and diabolical talent agent who would do anything to protect her artists’ best interests. Arrogant and rather unscrupulous, Ruonan transforms into a compulsive kisser when drunk.

Ji Mo is the stone-faced and intelligent CEO of a fashion company who graduated from Cambridge with a degree in psychology. Harbouring a painful secret from his past, Ji Mo also sleepwalks and suffers from a mild case of OCD. Chen Youwei (The Eternal Love 2) and Zou Tingwei (Another Me) costar.

The Tencent web drama comes from the director-screenwriter team behind Diamond Lover, and began filming today.

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