Sword Dynasty releases full trailer

Li Xian and Li Yitong’s fantasy drama Sword Dynasty released its first full trailer. The Feng Xiaogang-produced drama is rumored to be streaming soon. I haven’t seen a trailer with this much narration since forever, and I really hope it doesn’t carry over to the drama.

2 thoughts on “Sword Dynasty releases full trailer

  1. Woah, the full trailer actually looks good! I wasn’t feeling it due to Li Xian’s awful bangs (I know, I know, shallow). But his acting in the fighting scenes here is spot on, and now I’m excited. Looking forward to this!

    PS. I read on MDL the initial number of episodes is 40, then they cut it down to 34.

  2. I’m guessing the trailer is geared toward international cdrama viewers. Warring States period is pretty messy even when you know a little bit of Chinese history. Fight scenes look good.

    Took a look at the novel. Not short. 36-eps might be only the 1st season? Kind of confusing that it renamed some actual historical figures while not renaming others. The drama might do a total renaming of historical figures and kingdoms. If not, male lead character successfully killing the first emperor of China resulting in a powerful Qin Dynasty and prosperity for all people…

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