In Awakening of Insects, Zhang Ruoyun plays Chen Shan, an ordinary citizen who is hired by the Japanese to impersonate one of their top spies and infiltrate the Kuomintang (of course, the hero ultimately defects to the Communist side). Wang Ou and Kan Qingzi play his love interests.

The 45 episode drama airs daily on Hunan TV beginning tonight.

Teasers: Training to be a spy

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One thought on “Promo Round-up: Awakening of Insects”

  1. A lot of the actions of the NPC’s and the way it’s filmed remind me too much of an RPG, but other than that the drama is pretty good. Suspenseful and keeps me wondering what will happen next. I had my doubts about Wang Ou’s acting before but this is easily Wang Ou’s best acting since The Disguiser.

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