‘Healing’ in the literal sense.

Love to Be Loved By You 我的城池营垒 (lit. You Are My Fortress) follows the love story between doctor Mika (Ma Sichun) and special forces elite Xing Kelei (Bai Jingting). Before anyone asks, this is not a remake of Korean drama Descendants of the Sun – the 34+ episode drama is based on Mu Qingyu’s 2013 novel of the same name.

Initially unable to get along, the pair gradually bond after working together in an earthquake disaster zone, and come to respect each other’s professions. They reunite again as a medic and peacekeeping soldier in a war-torn country, and eventually fall in love.

The 34+ episode drama is helmed by new director Zhang Tong, who has mostly been working under Mao Weining (Love Journey).

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