Chen Xiao, Wang Xiaochen cast in modern rom-com

Simmer Down 好好说话 stars Chen Xiao (Love Journey) as 39 year old Yang Guang, a DJ of a relationship counselling call-in radio program for fifteen years. Wang Xiaochen costars as a lawyer and his love interest.

Affected by the nature of the job and childhood trauma, Yang Guang is unwilling to strike up a sincere conversation with anyone. After his show is pushed out of the prime time slot by another program, he restructures the content so that it focuses on the hottest issues in society, and learns how to become an approachable and trustworthy mediator.

Liao Wang is a lawyer who is desperate take on some high-profile cases to boost her career even further. However, her plans are always thwarted due to Yang Guang’s successful mediations, and a bickering romance begins.

The 42 episode drama is directed by Yang Dong (I Am The Head Teacher) and written by Hao Dong.

Wang Yaoqing
Zeng Li
Lai Yi
Zhu Jintong
Ni Dahong as Liao Wang’s father
Wang Zhifei

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