Hu Yitian tests out his comedy chops in new trailer with Zhang Yunlong

While we know Zhang Yunlong is used to playing the clown of the drama, how will Hu Yitian do in his comedy debut?

Hu Yitian, Zhang Yunlong, and Xiao Yan’s detective comedy, My Roommate is a Detective 民国奇探,  released its first trailer today. The 2020 drama is an iQiyi original, so there should be English Subs!

My Roommate is a Detective 民国奇探 stars Hu Yitian (A Love So Beautiful) as Lu Yao, an arrogant genius detective who just returned from an overseas education and becomes the assistant to the hot-blooded inspector Qiao Chusheng (Zhang Yunlong).They enlist the help of Bai Youning (Xiao Yan), an idealistic reporter and heiress of the Green Dragon Gang.

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