Yang Rong in Baoshan

Actress Yang Rong returns to her hometown to explore its rich cultural heritage in this photoshoot by Lv Chengjun. The second largest city in China’s Southeast province Yunnan, Baoshan is home to many different ethnic groups, including a large Bai population that Yang Rong grew up in.

Yunnan wood-carving dates back to the Kingdom of Nanzhao. This one uses a combination of Bai and Han patterns.

The city is also known for exporting traditional raincoats made from palm trees.

On the right (her left) is an example of Bai tie-dye.

More Bai tie-dye.

4 thoughts on “Yang Rong in Baoshan

  1. i wish there was news of more drama work for Yang Rong. I haven’t seen any updates on her filming anything for a while now. Anybody know any news?

  2. OMG Yang Rong is so gorgeous! I miss seeing her onscreen, also the fashion is beautiful and the little girl next to her is so pretty

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