Li Yitong, Jin Chen cast in remake of Gossip Girl

Instead of focusing on the privileged elite, this very loose remake is titled Dear Missy 了不起的女孩, and stars Li Yitong (Bloody Romance) and Jin Chen (All Is Well With Us) as a pair of best friends who breakup during high school due to differing personalities and rekindle their friendship after almost a decade.

Shen Siyi returns from the US after nine years, and finds herself working alongside former best friend Lu Ke at the same magazine publishing company. She takes the initiative to make amends, and the two quickly rebuild their friendship. Zhang Chao (Exclusive Memory) costars as the love interest of one (or both) of the heroines.

Produced by Sugarman (With You, My Huckleberry Friends, Exclusive Memory), the 36 episode web drama is helmed by Deng Ke (My Huckleberry Friends) and began filming a couple of days ago.

3 thoughts on “Li Yitong, Jin Chen cast in remake of Gossip Girl

    • I haven’t read the books but doesn’t the tv series start with Serena returning after disappearing for awhile? Plus the series from what I have watched focuses on the friend/enemy relationship between Blair and Serena and their differing personalities along with Nate sort of being the reason they fell out in the beginning. The Cdrama is a reinterpretation but it seems like these elements are similar.

      • Also to add on, I’m aware Serena returns much earlier, while they are both in HS but I guess they would rather age up the characters for this adaptation.

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