Liu Shishi makes drama comeback opposite Zhu Yilong

To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 is the fourth female-centric modern drama to begin filming this year after Nothing But Thirty, Love in Shanghai and Unfazed at Twenty. The ~30 episode series focuses on the careers and troubled love lives of three women played by Liu Shishi (If I Can Love You So), Kan Qingzi (The Great River) and Chen Miqi (Martial Universe).

Li Siyu (Liu Shishi) is an intelligent, independent and hard-working sales representative, and has a loving boyfriend in Chen Yiming (Zhu Yilong), a self-motivated planning manager. Successful, rich and slightly arrogant, Chen Yiming is unable to cope with his sudden unemployment, and cracks begin form in their relationship. Meiqi is Siyu’s step-sister, a goddess-like individual who dreams of marrying the most eligible bachelor.

Yumeng is the heroine’s cousin and an ordinary white-collar worker who only wants to take good care of her husband and daughter. However, Liu Yang (Peng Guanying) isn’t one to be content with an ordinary lifestyle and decides to cheat on Yumeng with a female subordinate. Unfortunately misfortunes come in threes – his affair is discovered, he finds himself in a precarious position at work, and is then diagnosed with an illness. Yumeng lends a helping hand, and must decide if she wants to forgive her unfaithful husband. Li Zefeng, who also plays a role in Nothing But Thirty, rounds out the main cast as (probably) Meiqi’s love interest.

2020 will probably be overflowing with dramas of this genre, but I’m trusting director Ding Hei and writer Su Xiaoyuan (both worked on hit period Nothing Gold Can Stay) to make this series their own.

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