iQiyi released a ton of English-subbed Chinese dramas on its new app

iQiyi recently released an English app with a ton of English-subbed Chinese dramas, including many that weren’t available with English subtitles before. In addition to watching many dramas free, you can now also finally pay via either Google Play or the iTunes store to unlock early episodes and archived VIP drama.

Some of the dramas now available with English subs on the app include Bai Lu and Xing Zhaolin’s cute Lucky’s First Love, Nazha and Shawn Dou’s Ten Years Late, and Zhang Xincheng and Eleanor Lee’s Young Blood.

Download the app via Google play here and Apple devices here. Note that the one with English subs is a separate app from the old one.

A selection of the dramas on the app that I believe weren’t available with subs before, in semi-order of how much I recommend them. I haven’t seen all of them so some of them are based on what I’ve heard from others. I especially want to recommend Zhang Chao and Li Tingting’s Exclusive Memory 独家记忆. The coming-of-age college drama manages to be realistic but still has an ultra-cute romance between the main lead and her teacher’s assistant. It’s directed by Liu Chang of With You.

10 thoughts on “iQiyi released a ton of English-subbed Chinese dramas on its new app

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  2. Given that IQiyi is publicly traded on US stock exchange, I’ve wondered when it would try enter the US streaming market.

    Buying either VIP from this app is 2 to 3 times more expensive than from the Chinese app. Switching sub languages doesn’t seek to work on the IOS app. I guess this will be for when an IQiyi (exclusive?) show I really really want to check out is regionally blocked in the Chinese app.

    • If you are in the right mood, Birth of the Drama King could be a hilarious ride. Just don’t know how well those embarrassing/shameless pickup lines translate into English.

      • If they do have a decent English sub for BDK, I’m going to tell all my friends to watch it. That drama has displaced “Go Princess Go” as my fav cheesy comedy.

  3. I third 独家记忆 as a great drama, although the last third really wasn’t treated well. But overall, very sweet.

    I’d also highly recommend Bureau of Transformers 动物管理局, as something that’s is quite different but so creative. It’s set in an imaginative world where there are these super humans that are transformed from animals. The show is wildly imaginative and hilarious to watch, but also poignant in emotional beats and just really well written in general. Also really well acted.

  4. I second 《独家记忆》!I watched it during its run but didn’t have VIP to watch the 番外 :( will check out this version of the IQIYI app soon. When news broke that various apps had English subtitles available, I was dumbfounded because literally two days earlier, I had specifically gone to to the Chinese iTunes store to download the apps.

    • Also forgot to add that I wanted to rewatch 《独家记忆》after its air run but the old app (I think I used the international app at the time) then made it exclusive to VIP members. Will see if this new app has it available for all because I really want to watch it again!

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