Lucky’s First Love releases stills of cutest moments

Bai Lu shows that can be super sweet and cutesy outside of her usual tomboy roles.

Lucky’s First Love is imo the cutest rom-com since Go Go Squid! this year, so here’s their latest release of stills featuring some of the cutest moments from the show. The two leads have great chemistry and the story is pure cuteness with minimal drama so far at the halfway mark. Bai Lu made a great foray into a new type of character, successfully portraying the loveable happy-go-lucky female lead while still having her be competent and not a ditz. Xing Zhaolin’s character is also much more human and friendly than most of your typical drama CEO’s. The only main flaw is that the main side couple is kind of boring, but they’re easily skippable.

3 thoughts on “Lucky’s First Love releases stills of cutest moments

  1. I love the leads’ chemistry in “Go go Squid” but I didn’t like the female leads character. However, this story is funnier and Bailu’s character is more likable and human. Iam also surprised how loveable the Leading man is despite how he is described in the synopsis. I’m actually looking forward to finishing this drama.

  2. BL is so lovely in this role and they have great and fun chemistry.
    I like both characters too but I feel like they give all the developments to the male lead.

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