Promo Round-up: Lucky’s First Love

From the producers of Yes! Boss and Never Ever Expected comes rom-com Lucky’s First Love 世界欠我一个初恋. When aspiring product designer Xing Yun (Bai Lu) is tasked with working on a dating program for her company, she decides to get real-world experience by going on a series of dates. But how will this plan fare with her jealous boss (Xing Zhaolin) who’s been using her as his personal lucky charm?

Two episodes will be available every Wednesday thru Fridays beginning September 25, with VIP members getting the whole series at once.

trailer 1; trailer 2 ; OP by Wang Ke ; character posters

Xing Zhaolin X Bai Lu in Lucky’s First Love
Lucky’s First Love poster

7 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Lucky’s First Love

  1. Hello! can someone please tell me where to download the background sound they use in this drama when Xai Yun walks in a funny way?

  2. Bai Lu is someone to watch out in the future. There is definitely some moments she could have done better as she is still green… and didn’t come from actual acting universities…

    But the ability to witching to different roles and bring distinctive vibe to each of them is amazing. There is no trace of her previous characters in her current one.

    She basically broke her strong badass image with how adorable and funny Xing Yun is. He expression and body languages are on point. She is just amazing
    I hope she get a big break soon as her talent deserve better recognition.

  3. I watched the whole drama and I have to say both leads have such relaxed and natural chemistry.
    Bai Lu is a very natural actress. She does not even look like she is acting a character. She takes each role and own them. Very rare acting talent that looks affectless.

  4. This drama is very cute. I watched the first 2 episodes. Love it, funny to see Bai Lu in a girly girly but pretty smart role.

    • This drama is pretty good so far. I love the vibe and all the music sounds effects, it makes the drama entertaining. Since it’s only 24ep, I felt there’s no water down scenes. The 2 leads have a very good chemistry that matches their relationship in the drama. I recommend this drama for sure.

      Bailu’s character carries the majority of the drama and her voice over are hilarious.
      She definitely one of the better at acting versus others actresses her age. Technically, her acting debut was somewhere around 2018, so she is relatively new but comments on Weibo are positive when it come to her acting.

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