Jing Tian, Zhang Binbin begin filming supernatural mystery drama Siteng

Jing Tian plays the titular Siteng 司藤, a half-demon who exacts revenge with the help of the male lead (Zhang Binbin).

Shanghai, 1946. Taoist master Qiushan kills the demon Siteng, though the latter appears to be relieved more than anything else. In 2013, Qin Fang and his fiancee are driving west in search of their ancestor’s benefactor, though their car goes over the cliff. The rocks below pierce through Qin Fang’s heart, and the dripping blood resurrects Siteng.

Siteng tells him that she actually died in 1937, and needs him to develop an intricate revenge plan for her. Qin Fang multiple escape attempts all end in failure, and slowly realises his fate had already been decided for him over seventy years ago.

Based on Weiyu’s novel of the same name, the drama is directed by Li Muge (Goodbye My Princess), and written by Zhang Yuan’ang, who was a co-writer of Sea of Sand and Ashes of Love.

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