Tencent’s new acting variety show releases stills of contestants

Peng Xiaoran (Goodbye My Princess) reenacting Chen Kaige’s Legend of the Demon Cat

Tencent’s upcoming big-budget acting variety show Attention, Actors 演员请就位 (lit.) has hired directors Li Shaohong (Palace of Desires, Dream of Red Mansions 2010), Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine, Legend of the Demon Cat), Guo Jingming (Tiny Times, L.O.R.D) and Zhao Wei (So Young) as judges who will assemble their own team from a group of 58 actors.

Youku has their own show led by infamous director-producer-screenwriter Yu Zheng (Palace, Story of Yanxi Palace), Zhang Jingchu(Operation Gutenberg), Francis Ng(Line Walker 2) and Zhang Songwen(The Shadow Play). iQiyi’s acting variety show, I, Actor 演员的品格 is presented in a Produce 101 format, and will also be returning for a second season later this year with He Jiong and Peter Chan (Dearest) at the helm.

New Return of the Condor Heroes star Mao Xiaohui continues to follow Liu Yifei’s route as she plays Ling’er from Chinese Paladin
Chen Yao reenacts My Fair Princess
Aaron Yan as Prince Jing in Nirvana in Fire
Gillian Chung
Vivian Sung
Reenactment of Another Me
Zhu Yanmanzi in Us and Them

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  1. Are the quotes from the lines of the script that the actors have to say or personally from the actors themselves?

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