Modern wuxia rom-com Sweet Tai Chi releases stills

What happens when a manhua fan become entangled in jianghu clan fights?

Set in an alternate universe where dragon princes compete in the Olympics and manhua fans become entangled in jianghu clan fights, Sweet Tai Chi 淑女飘飘拳 is the first modern wuxia rom-com since I believe The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries. Based on the book of the same name, the series stars Bii (In a Class of Her Own) and Sun Qian (Meteor Garden) and is set to be released soon on Youku. Synopsis and stills below:

Feng Piaopiao seems ladylike enough to the rest of the world – artistic, well-read, musically-inclined, and always carrying a book with her. But between the tomes are hidden manhua, and all her paintings and calligraphy are actually by her grandfather.
When she accidentally saves a classmate Wei Chu with Tai chi learned from her grandfather, she realizes that her skills are far more advanced than she had thought. From then on, her life becomes entangled with that of Wei Chu and Tai chi. Yet because her grandfather once betrayed his Tai-chi clan, she must constantly chose whether to use her skills to save lives at the risk of their identity be revealed.
Soon, she learns that Wei Chu has a secret of his own – he is the heir to the same Tai chi clan that her grandfather once betrayed. Will he find out her secret first before she figures out how to clear her grandfather’s name?


Ludi Lin stars as Liu Kang in James Wan-produced Mortal Kombat

If you haven’t seen it yet, Ludi Lin is in a small but shirtless role in the Striking Vipers episode of Black Mirror

We’ve mostly stopped posting Asian-Hollywood news now that there is so much of it over the past couple of years, but long-time Cfensi favorite Ludi Lin always has a special place here. He’s been recently cast as Liu Kang in a James Wan-produced Mortal Kombat film adaptation set for a March 5, 2021, release.

I’m not sure how big of a role he’ll have but hopefully at least it’ll show his face to make up for how much toilet water he had to drink in Aquaman.