Aom Sushar makes her Chinese debut in Rainbowtown

The adorable Aom Sushar (Yes or No, Thai adaptation of It Started With a Kiss) makes her Chinese drama debut with Rainbowtown 哪里有彩虹告诉我 today. The rom-com series about a group of young people trying to revitalize a dying town is available on MGTV here (not region blocked). Two new episodes are available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with VIP members getting six extra episodes.

The series co-stars Hou Dong, Zhao Yi’an, Zhu Hanze, Feng Zao, and Zou Jiajia, all of whom are relatively unknown.

3 thoughts on “Aom Sushar makes her Chinese debut in Rainbowtown

  1. Wow, I’ve been seeing more Thai actors in Cdramas lately. It’s a nice change and would add some spice to the shows.

  2. For a second I was expecting her to speak in Thai!!!. Mark and her are very good friends. He definitely help to get her over to China for more projects. Good to see her!

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