Well-intended Love sequel concludes filming

Xu Kaicheng and Wang Shuang return for another season of cuteness.

The surprise hit Well-intended Love 奈何boss要娶我2 (available on Netflix) got a sequel! I didn’t know it even began filming, but filming has concluded last week. The original cast of Xu Kaicheng, Wang Shuang, Yi Bochen and Li Jiaxi will all return for the sequel, as will the director Wu Qiang. Since it’s a Sohu exclusive, you can expect it to come out fairly soon.

6 thoughts on “Well-intended Love sequel concludes filming

  1. I’m happy to see d drama starting, hope it can be released asap. I believe all of us are waiting for it.

  2. I actually really enjoyed the drama, obviously I skipped some of the filler episodes but I thought the main couple was cute and I enjoyed watching their baby making plot line lol. But I can’t imagine what the next season is going to be about…….they should be thinking about LOVE ALARM SEASON 2

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