Deyun Club’s Fall/Winter 2019 World Tour Schedule

Zhang Yunlei arrived in Melbourne today with a huge extended family for a work-vacation.

Who knew the Chinese entertainment company with the most overseas performances (don’t quote me on that) would be a comedic group? I knew I should’ve stanned them earlier instead of artists who never come to America except to film commercials and MV’s.
Four groups will be performing in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada (two groups), the United States (two groups), and Dubai this September and November. Two groups have also performed in Japan, Thailand, and Vancouver earlier this year.  

Guo Degang X Yu Qian; Gao Feng X Luan Yunping, Shaobing X Cao Heyang, Feng Zhaoyang X Yang Hetong  (tickets)

  • September 14 – Winnipeg, Canada
  • September 16 – New York, USA
  • September 19 – Seattle, USA
  • September 22 – Edmonton, Canada
  • September 25 – Montreal, Canada

Zhang Yunlei X Yang Jiulang; I heard they’re still sorting out visa issues for New Zealnd , but the Australian group is Zhang Jiunan X Gao Jiucheng , Guan Jiuhai X Zhang Xiaobai, Li Hebiao X Li Jiujiang. Zhang Yunlei’s already in Melbourne with family. (tickets)

  • September 23 – Melbourne, Australia
  • September 26 – Auckland, New Zealand
  • September 29 – Sydney, Australia

Zhang Helun X Lang Heyan; Shang Jiuxi X He Jiuhua, Wang Xiaoyi X Chen Jiupin , Gao Xiaobei X Gao Xiaolou

  • September 28 – Venice, Italy (tickets)
  • October 3 – Frankfurt, Germany (tickets)

Yue Yunpeng X Sun Yue ; supporting actors unknown (tickets)

  • November 3 – Vancouver, Canada
  • November 6 – Toronto, Canada
  • November 10 – New York, USA
  • November 16 – Los Angeles, USA

Guo Degang X Yu Qian; supporting actors unknown (tickets not open yet, but if you’re interested I can direct you to people who are groupon-ing it)

  • November 20 – Paris, France
  • November 22 – Barcelona, Spain
  • November 26 – Milan, Italy
  • December 12 – Dubai, UAE


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