Song Qian (The Moon Knows Not My Heart), Zhang Jianing (From Survivor to Healer), Li Chun (Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace) and Celina Jade (Triple Threat) have been cast as the leads in romance drama Love in Shanghai 他其实没有那么爱你 (lit. He’s Just Not That Into You).

Television reporter Sun Yihe (Song Qian), corporate manager Ren Ran (Li Chun), the optimistic Dingding (Zhang Jianing) and single mother Wang Xinyi (Celina) are all on the cusp of turning thirty and have reached career bottlenecks. Their love lives don’t go too smoothly either, as all sorts of conflicts and problems start to surface when they begin dating. Tony Yang (All Is Well), Zheng Kai (Always Miss You) and Wang Yaoqing (Scouring Marriage) play their love interests.

Directed by Wang Guangli (The Gang Leader), the drama is based on an original script penned by Qin Wen (The First Half of My Life), and began filming a couple of weeks ago.

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