Wuxia romance drama And The Winner Is Love has recently wrapped up filming, and released stills of leads Luo Yunxi, Chen Yuqi, Zou Tingwei and Tian Yitong as well as its supporting cast. [Extended Synopsis]

The 50 episode drama is written by new screenwriters Liu Xiaoxi (Another Me) and Sun Ying, and will apparently be drastically different from the original novel.

According to the actress’ weibo, Chong Xuezhi is a “naive, kind and impulsive young maiden with a fluctuating IQ who works hard to pursue her dreams, yet often causes trouble for others.”
Zou Tingwei as Mu Yuan
Tian Yitong as Lin Fengzi
Zhao Wenhao as Xia Qingmei, the prettiest of jianghu, leader of the wulin (martial arts community).
Quan Peilun as the Prince of Lu
Bao Tianqi as Shangguan Zheng, the hero’s older sister
Li Zonghan as Chong Ye, Xuezhi’s father
Zhang Junjie as Lin Changran, Xuezhi’s second father

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