Medical Examiner Dr Qin Season 1 costars Zhang Ruoyun and Jiao Junyan will be starring in Perfect Evidence 完美证据, an upcoming legal rom-com produced by the film & television department of the SPP.

Zhang Ruoyun plays the introverted prosecutor Situ Jun, the typical handsome guy with a high IQ and low EQ who only believes in evidence. Jiao Junyan costars as the extroverted Qin Qiaochu, a hot-blooded detective who prioritises efficiency and immediacy above all else. Rounding out the main cast is Situ Jun’s ex-girlfriend Di Shuhan, a defense lawyer with a competitive streak who will be standing on the opposite side of the leads. No news yet on who has been cast in the role.

Written by Zheng Shining (Lack of Evidence) and Mi Tianhui (Far Away Love), the drama began filming a few days ago.

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