First look at Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan in The Oath of Love

First stills have been released for The Oath of Love, an upcoming series that revolves around the love story between a cellist and a healing romance drama that stars Yang Zi as a cellist and Xiao Zhan as a physician. [Extended Synopsis]

Yang Zi as Lin Zhixiao
Xiao Zhan as Gu Wei
Ma Yujie as Gao Xi, daughter of the hospital’s assistant director. Gu Wei’s classmate and colleague, she has unrequited affections for the hero.
Gao Qing as Sansan, Lin Zhixiao’s best friend and incapable strategist in love.
Li Yunrui as Shao Jiang, Lin Zhixiao’s first crush. Gu Wei’s main rival in love.
He Wenting as Li Huijuan, Lin Zhixiao’s mother.
Xia Zhiqing as Lin Jianguo, Lin Zhixiao’s father. The traditional stern father who doesn’t display his affections openly.

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