Promo Round-up: My Mowgli Boy

Ma Tianyu plays Mowgli (Mogeli), a boy who grew up with wild animals in the forest. He is accidentally taken into the city by budding entrepreneur Ling Xi (Yang Zi), and after some cohabitation shenanigans, they eventually fall in love.

Produced by the team behind Rush to the Dead Summer, the 50 episode drama will release 2 episodes every Thursday to Sunday on iQiyi. VIP members get an 8 episode head start. It looks like it’ll be English Subbed on Viki soon here.

2 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: My Mowgli Boy

  1. You’re exagerating . There not enough of YangZi as a lead . For an actress that debuted as a child years ago .
    It’s one thing that you don’t like her acting but many others do .
    She worked hard to be where she is now and she is passionnate about her craft .

  2. I don’t know why there are so many Yang Zi dramas lately, but I just can’t warm to her style of performing (can’t quite call it acting). This sounds like the plot was cobbled together from a couple of different stories, doesn’t it?

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