Review: Love and Destiny is a gift that keeps on giving with every watch

First, Love and Destiny 宸汐缘  has no association to Eternal Love, it just shares the same world setting.   This is an original work by the production team of Eternal Love  – they came up with the script for this while filming Eternal Love.

The best way I can describe this series is imagine you order a dish at some hole in the wall place that you stumble upon and it turn out to be the best dish you’ve ever eat.  The ingredients do not go together, presentation is not impressive, but for each bite that you eat, the flavors just explode in your mouth and before you know it, you’ve finished the dish and you want to order more.  That’s my experience with this series. This may be the best c-drama that I will have seen for a very long time, at least for this genre.

Like lead actress Ni Ni said in an interview, this series is a love journey, and we get to embark on it with our leads. There are no misunderstandings, no love triangle nor second lead syndrome. The whole series focus on our leads and their love journey and the other characters add richness to it.  If our leads are not together, it’s very organic and makes sense.  Issues get resolved fairly quickly and in very mature way.

For the role of male lead Jiuchen, I can’t picture anyone else can be it but only Chang Chen.  All of the micro-expressions and the acting are just everything. I’m so glad for the long letter the producer wrote to Chang Chen to convince him to accept this role.  Without him, this series will just be another series that you watch at your spare time.  Both Chang Chen and Ni Ni are mesmerizing together.  By the time you finish the series, you want to see more of them in future projects.  Almost every character has a personality and only a couple characters are one dimensional.  This series explores all kind of relationship and you’ll get sucked  in by the raw and natural emotion of it.  What really make this series different than other series is its ability to insert comedy in serious situation – it just make sense and not out of place or just for the sake of comedy.  My only complaint with this series is they developed the wrong character as the main villain.  If they focus on the female antagonist Yuantong, it’ll elevate this series to another level.  At least it goes against the typical drama trope.

It takes some time for thing to kick in so you need to have some patience and it’ll totally pay off.  Be warned, you’ll laugh and then you’ll cry and cry.  While most series started off with high rating on review site Douban and then drop, this series opened at 5.4 and continues to climb (currently at 7.7)  At least for me and a lot of people in China, we don’t know what kind of demonic power does this series as we can’t help but keep on checking Weibo and Douban and celebrate when the rating goes up.

I’ve finished watching this series and I’m on my 3rd viewing and I found something new that I didn’t noticed in the first or second viewing.

Love and Destiny is available with English Subtitles on Youtube here.

14 thoughts on “Review: Love and Destiny is a gift that keeps on giving with every watch

  1. Love this drama.. The leads, the plots, the song, everything is really beautiful and heart touching. The best c-drama I ever watched.

  2. You speak up my heart. Excellent drama, indeed. I’ve never thought I would find another drama that’d surpass 3L3W: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom but then this drama came along. And I’m so happy that I am wrong when I watch this film. In the middle of watching it but I’m already sure that it’s the best fantasy drama in 2019 and one of the best of this genre.

  3. This drama is the best C-drama so far. Their chemistry is so good will make you wanting to see more. 60 ep seems not enough. I just dont understand why some ppl give negative comment about Nini and Chang Chen looks. They are both beautiful and handsome yet not plastic looking like many other young actors and actresses these days. If you are looking for good acting performance, this drama is for you. But if you are only looking for idol who just has the look, you can pass this.

  4. So enjoyed this drama. On my my who knows third watch too and watching it again on Viki. Definitely grows on you and binge worthy and cannot think of anyone else who can portray the god of war so well as CC.

  5. I completely agree with you! I am only half way through it, but I love this drama and love the actors’ portrayal of their characters. I have no problem with the casting and think they fit pretty well. I think the story is well written and am glad to see it gaining in popularity.

  6. I totally agree with your review. I did not know Mandarin but this drama is worth to watch. Eventhough without English subtitles, the expression, the characters make it so lively.

  7. This did not quite meet my expectations! Sorry but 3L3W is so much better! Was expecting more from the villians and Demon Lord??? Mediocre cast with ok songs but the OTP was great…

  8. I want to watch this because I love Ni NI, but I cant get past how much older than her Chang Chen looks – did anyone else start off feeling this way?

    • I think it’s definitely worth watching if only for Ni Ni alone. I wasn’t sold on Jiuchen until like halfway through the drama, but Ni Ni’s character is absolutely lovable throughout. The closest comparison I can think of is Amy Adams in Enchanted.

    • I was also hesitant to start this drama because I felt the same way. However, I thought about it and since he’s the god of war, it makes sense for him to be more rugged looking. It is a decent show. Very bingeable and the acting is really much better than one would usually expect to find in this type of fantasy drama. I would recommend you check it out. I don’t usually enjoy this genre, but I thought Love and Destiny was a fun watch.

    • Am I the only one that actually loved JiuChen, Chang Chen as JiuChen, so much even in the beginning? I started not knowing anything about him, and not looking forward to much, because while I objectively think he’s a good looking individual, he’s not like, my type. BUT he’s the first actor ever that I honestly am just so sucked in by this person in motion. To me, he was just super charming, charismatic, compelling. I was thirsting so hard and not even because of his appearance necessarily lmao. My interest grew and then in the second lifetime, he was SO swoony to me. Also this guy really really know how to kiss on camera.

      I wasn’t really bothered by age wise because in real life he is not-insignificantly older than her, but also the age-gap isn’t very ridiculous either at 11 yrs. I also didn’t mind because even tho we know “gods don’t age” physically, but he’s like, multiple multiple tens-of-thousands of years older than she is.

      • Like you I had no idea who Chang Chen was before this drama and boy am I obsessed with him now or what! Every nuance of his facial expression speaks a thousand words and he is the perfect foil to NiNi’s superb portrayal of LingXi. And yes, he can really kiss on camera, as good as Mark Chao in TMOPB !!

  9. I read that there are a lot of mixed reviews and views about the drama. Personally, I agree with the writer here. It’s unfair to compare it to Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. I find Love & Destiny calming and less of a roller-coaster watch. Maybe because of the male lead Chang Chen who has successfully portrayed such calmness and tranquility required by his role as the God of War. I also can’t think of another who can carry the role as excellently as he did. Now I understand what’s the hooha of many people when it comes to Chang Chen.
    I’m on my second watch, to catch up on those I fast-forwarded earlier, as I had wanted to know the ending then!

  10. This drama surpassed my expectations! This has to be the best drama since TMOPB, if not bettter !! Magnificent performances from the leads and I simply adore this version of the God of War………..

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