Writer of Burning Ice to work with Qin Hao, Liao Fan for upcoming iQiyi crime thrillers

Streaming giant iQiyi has bought the adaption rights to two more novels written by Zi Jinchen, the screenwriter and original author of critically acclaimed thriller Burning Ice 无证之罪. Both web dramas have already started filming, and will have twelve 60 minute episodes.

The Hidden Corner / The Bad Kids 隐秘的角落 is already in production, and stars Qin Hao, Wang Jingchun and Zhang Songwen.

A long-suffering live-in son-in-law (Qin Hao) hatches up an elaborate murder plot to kill his cheating wife and her family after she demands a divorce. His actions are recorded by three children playing nearby, yet he soon discovers that he was actually set up by the three young children. Consequently, he begins to work out how and why a thirteen-year-old boy is able to twist the truth to his advantage.

The series based on Zi Jinchen’s novel The Gone Child / Cat’s Cradle 坏小孩 and helmed by up-and-coming director Xing Shuang, who is best known for his work on Phantacity’s live mini-musicals. Joe Cacaci and Hu Kun (Love Is A Blessed Bullet, The Tokyo Trial) will be working on the script along with Zi Jinchen.

The second drama is titled The Long Night 长夜难明 (沉默的真相), and stars Liao Fan, Bai Yu, Tan Zhuo, Huang Yao (The Crossing) and Ning Li (terrifyingly perfect as Li Fengtian in Burning Ice).

This is a story about:

A lawyer who enters the metro station with his victim’s body in a suitcase, yet ends up proving his innocence at the first hearing.

A policeman with a 100% success rate of catching criminals, yet is suspended from his duties after he is accused of obtaining evidence as a result of torture (Liao Fan).

A woman who married her teacher to obtain justice for her dead boyfriend.

A successful prosecutor jailed for corruption, whose body is eventually found in a suitcase (Bai Yu).

A seemingly upright and fair businessman who will stop at nothing to protect his secret.

A talented medical examiner who succumbs to greed and resigns to resell medical equipment instead.

A leading journalist who was raped during school years, and becomes a news reporter that only follows exclusives.

A teacher who works tirelessly to find out the truth behind a student’s death, yet ends up committing suicide after raping someone.

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