Television’s best actresses grace the cover of T Magazine

Award-winning television actresses Chen Jin, Mei Ting, Hai Qing, Tong Liya and Yao Chen have gathered for a T Magazine photoshoot by Mei Yuangui.

Hai Qing: Dwelling Narrowness, A Beautiful Daughter-in-law Era, A Little Reunion. A Little Reunion brings out tears of laughter and sorrow – rather than just revolve around preparing for university entrance exams, it touches on several realistic issues such as depression, unemployment, tiger parenting and sexual harassment in the workplace.
Tong Liya: The Queens, Beijing Love Story, An Ordinary World
Mei Ting: Don’t Respond to Strangers, Romance of Our Parents
Yao Chen: Lurk, Divorce Lawyers, All Is Well
Chen Jin: I Love My Family, The Winter Solstice

4 thoughts on “Television’s best actresses grace the cover of T Magazine

    • Unfortunately a lot of producers don’t even think about writing meaty roles centered around mature women (and thus mature actresses). There’s a huge obsession with youth, so you either see 40+ actresses playing mums with no growth arc of their own, or see current 30+ popular actresses playing 20-year-olds who are only obsessed with romance (they all deserve better written roles). The most recent and high-profile drama with meatier female roles seems to be the currently filming Nothing But Thirty:

      • Financially successful C dramas are currently dominated by idol dramas, like The Untamed, Go Go Squid, Put Your Head On My Shoulder. Most with predominantly female fans, right? Whenever they show press conferences, interviews with the leads, whenever the camera shows the audience, they seem mostly young women. C drama audience largely favors young female leads involved in a romance with affluent bachelors from powerful families living in fancy homes. Like Xing Fei in Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me, Bu Guan Jin in Chasing Ball.
        What are the men doing while the women are at C drama press conferences? I cannot help wonder.

        C drama fans do not appreciate real-life women with successful careers. It’s always sad to see. The real-life cases take hard work, a long term time-investment. It’s not all sweet and fluffy, but it teaches you a lot about life. GGS’ Tong Nian is a sweet young lady, but she is nothing like a real-life female science graduate student.

        I hope to see less gender-inequality in Asian dramas in general going forward. One of the main reasons why The Untamed is popular is the male leads are not draggy like many female leads in costume dramas. Of recent costume dramas, only a couple of female characters from The Legend Zhao Yao are not draggy. Even then, Qin Zhi Yan is relatively weaker and can get whiny at times. Had they made Untamed with a couple of female leads from the average C-drama, I suspect it wouldn’t have been watchable. It’s because the male leads are often written to be meatier, stronger characters while the female leads are not.

        I’m inclined to believe that having only BL dramas and none of the other gender can be a sign of sexism as well.

        How much progress can we see in gender equalzation in our lifetime?

        I also hope to see more of the better actors and actresses. I don’t get the obsession with Dilraba, Yu Meng Long, Xing Zhao Lin, Ju Jing Yi, Li Hong Yi, Zhao Lu Si, Zhang Yu Xi etc. I get zero brain feedback from seeing the flood of Dilraba pics, memes, gifs. Epic fail in my brain cell engagement. I’m glad there are many out there who do enjoy her pics.

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