Hunting 猎狐 has unveiled an impressive supporting cast with the release of new stills. Deng Jiajia (Burning Ice) costars as Xia Yuan’s (Wang Kai) childhood sweetheart while Fu Jing (Undercover) plays Hu Jun’s sister. [Extended Synopsis]

Zhang Tao(A Splendid Life in Beijing) plays a stockbroker, and Liu Jun(All Is Well) is the defendant.

Wang Ou as Detective Wu Jiaqi
Hu Jun as Detective Yang Jianqun
Liu Yijun as businessman Wang Bolin
Deng Jiajia as Yu Xiaohui (fingers-crossed her ending is better than Wang Kai’s previous childhood friend)
Fu Jing as Yang’s younger sister.

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One thought on “First stills for Wang Kai, Wang Ou’s economic crime drama Hunting”

  1. Glad to see Fu Jing joining the cast! Her guest role in Once Upon a Time in Qingdao was imo one of the most complex and best portrayals of a female revolutionary of late.

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