Air date update, August 2019

Since late August, available on Youtube unless stated:

Arsenal Military Academy 烈火军校 – Aug 6
Starring: Bai Lu, Xu Kai, Li Chengbin
Details: 30 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi
Cross-dressing heroine gets involved in a love triangle with two of the most popular officers at the Academy.

The Moon Knows Not My Heart 山月不知心底事 – Aug 20
Starring: Song Qian, Ou Hao, Danson Tang
Details: 48 episodes, daily drama on Jiangsu TV

Love triangle spanning from college days to workplace.

6 thoughts on “Air date update, August 2019

  1. Ahhhh I really like Zhang Xueying, but I am not sure if I can sit through Huang Zitao’s acting. I like him in varieties, but it feels like all his characters are the same/he acts the same. Loved Wu Qian as well, but it felt like Zitao’s character in The Brightest Star in the Sky was a rehash of his character in Les Interpretes with Yang Mi. Same with his character in the movie version of You are My Sunshine (Yang Mi, Huang Xiaoming). I hope he surprises with this role. I really want to enjoy another of Zhang Xueying’s shows. I really liked Summer’s Desire, but didn’t attempt Princess Silver because I don’t think I can stand the angst.

  2. I don’t know about Mark Chao in the Misaeng remake; Im Siwan was just so vulnerable and perfect and the type the character called for in the Jang Geu-rae role, for Mark to take it on means that they’d have to do some rewriting. Unless he’s the mentor…

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