Love and Destiny is Ni Ni as every Disney Princess in ancient China

Your royal cuteness Ni Ni as Lingxi

Have you ever wondered how Disney Princesses would be like if they were filmed in a Chinese fantasy world? Look no further than Love and Destiny, the drama that is basically The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and maybe Elsa but set in the world of Eternal Love. Here’s a review that’s not really a review of why Ni Ni is each of those princesses.

In the first lifetime, Ni Ni’s Lingxi is bird fairy who’s been restricted from leaving the peach blossom land of her childhood. She spends her daydreaming of meeting her hero the God of War Jiuchen and becoming a part of his world. When she escapes to the heavens against her father’s will, she meets and falls for Jiuchen. Eventually, she is tempted by a demon and exchanges her ability to hear (and by association her voice) to save the man she loves. As for herself, she dissipates into bubbles.

In this lifetime, Ni Ni is my favorite live-action Disney Princess since Amy Adams. She perfectly portrays the wide-eyed wonder and the contagious joy of the character. Her character is one of the few who can feel naive and pure instead of dumb. Lingxi just so full of good and charm that it’s hard to not want to give her a hug.

A’mo learning to speak is up there in terms of best acting of the year

In her second lifetime, A’mo is the deaf daughter of a merchant family. While her father loves her, he is often traveling. Meanwhile, her mother and sister both despises and ridicules her, making her do chores. Luckily, she’ comforted by a beloved peach blossom tree that blooms every year on her birthday and a mysterious fairy godmother (Jiuchen) who appears to help.

While A’mo is more reserved than Lingxi, she’s still full of kindness and fairytale wonder. There’s one scene where she is talking to her peach blossom tree and it’s only missing some talking animals to go full Disney.

When the prince of the land is ill, the king orders all maiden born of a certain day to be captured, including A’mo. What happens next? We’ll find out this week.

Based on the previews, in her third lifetime, Lingxi returns to her rightful place as the Princess of a fairy kingdom. There, she must learn to control her newly found powers before it ends both her and the world. Based on what I’ve seen of Ni Ni so far, I’m sure she’ll nail it.

Ni Ni again making me wish she would play the male lead of my favorite wuxias.

3 thoughts on “Love and Destiny is Ni Ni as every Disney Princess in ancient China

  1. I picked L&D up again in the second lifetime, and A’mo is so kind and gentle! Love the relationship she has with her father. After this show, I really want to see Ni Ni in Brotherhood of Blades 3, if that ever happens.

    • Yup, I really want her and Chang Chen to be in a movie or tv series again. Just love their chemistry on and off screen.

      • 100% agree with you! Actually, they were just in a movie together! It’s called Savage, and it’s out online now. The film is pretty dark and violent, but Ni Ni and Chang Chen play a very cute, but very sad couple. Seeing them together is well worth a watch. (And you can easily skip through the violence, if that’s not your thing.)

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