Over-protective parents grow up in upcoming family drama A Little Reunion

A Little Separation’s companion series, A Little Reunion focuses on three sets of families who all go to great lengths to ensure their children perform well in the university entrance exams, yet eventually realise that perfect scores are not the be-all and end-all.

Hai Qing is the strict mother who constantly compares her son (Zhou Qi) to her nephew (Liu Qi), while Huang Lei plays the father who is always responsible for defusing the situation.

Teaser 1, Production BTS

Tao Hong plays a controlling mother who thinks her ex-husband (Sha Yi) is a bad influence on their daughter (Li Gengxi), while Wang Yanhui and Yong Mei play a pair of workaholic parents who try to repair their relationship with their son (Guo Zifan).

Directed by Wang Jun (Ruyi’s Royal Love, A Little Separation) and written by actor Huang Lei, the 50 episode drama airs daily on Zhejiang TV / Shanghai TV from July 31st.

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