A look at more animated films from the producers of The Hero’s Back, Ne Zha

Poster for sci-fi thriller Deep Sea by Tian Xiaopeng (Monkey King: The Hero’s Back)

In 2015, when Monkey King: The Hero’s Back first proved that Chinese animation could break into the mainstream film market, Enlight Media quickly made plans to make its mark in the up-and-coming industry. In the interim years, the newly created firm Coloroom Pictures worked on 22 upcoming films and released other successful animated films such as My Name. In 2019, the company finally came out with its first self-produced project – Ne Zha, which has so far been smashing box office records.

Beginning with Ne Zha, the animation company already has an entire universe of films waiting to be released, including one that got an Easter Egg in Ne Zha. Here’s a look at some upcoming animated films from the company.

Also drawing out of Investiture of the Gods, Jiang Ziya had an Easter Egg in Ne Zha and is the next film from Coloroom.

First up is Jiang Ziya, yet another animated feature drawing from fantasy epic Investiture of the Gods. The trailer below is one of the original version before it was purchased by Coloroom. Since then, they’ve added a new director and no doubt made modifications to be the second in a series of films loosely based off of Investiture of the Gods.

Next up are two films from Tian Xiaopeng, the director of The Monkey King: Hero’s Back . The Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven 大圣闹天宫 will be a sequel to Hero’s Back, while Deep Sea 深海 is an original sci-fi thriller.

There’s also Phoenix 凤凰, which we wrote about back in 2012 but might finally be getting a release this year after it was brought by Coloroom. I have my doubts about the quality of this film given how long it’s been in production, but the art style is pretty unique and maybe Coloroom can turn it around.

And finally, there’s a sequel to the PG-13 satire Dahufa 大护法, which Coloroom distributed. While it did not do so well at the box office, it apparently has done well enough to warrant a sequel.

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