Nothing But Thirty begins filming with Jiang Shuying, Tong Yao and Mao Xiaotong

“I have no riches. I am my own best asset.” – Jiang Shuying as Wang Manni

Nothing But Thirty tells the story of three thirty-year-old women, played by Jiang Shuying, Tong Yao and Mao Xiaotong, who break free from stereotypes and begin to live life the way they want – because they’re only thirty after all. [Extended Synopsis]

Tong Yao as Gu Jia (originally played by Tong Liya, the actress backed out of the show earlier this month citing scheduling conflicts)
Mao Xiaotong as Zhong Xiaoqin

5 thoughts on “Nothing But Thirty begins filming with Jiang Shuying, Tong Yao and Mao Xiaotong

    • Actually, despite her young looks, MXT is actually 31yrs old. She does look young for her age though.

    • My first reaction was also that she was miscast, because she could totally pass as a teenager! (Especially next to the other two actresses who look more mature.) However, on second thought I actually really like that they went with a bit more “diversity”–choosing two 30s actresses who “look their age”, as well as a 30s actress who looks much younger. As alwayszhenxin pointed out, MXT is 31 years old (only 2-3 years younger than the other two actresses) so she definitely meets the age requirement.

      There are so many people who think 30-year-old women are old and past their prime, so it’s good to show how youthful they still are (because really, 30-year-olds should still be considered quite young! It’s silly that in China women are pressured to get married in their early 20s, otherwise they are viewed as “undesirable” or “leftover”). All 3 actresses are gorgeous and showcase different types of beauty (mature vs. youthful), I think the casting is great.

      I do love TLY and think she would’ve done a great job as well but no complaints about this cast.

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