Go Go Squid! is the first breakout rom-com of the summer

Yang Zi, Li Xian, and Hu Yitian’s Go Go Squid! is the first breakout rom-com of the year, topping both TV ratings and internet streaming charts less than two weeks after airing. The drama from Croton Media (O2O, The Boss & Me) may lack any if all logic, but the awkward cuteness and chemistry between the two leads has won over fans. Plus, the male lead’s whole team is super cute. Here are some more posters and stills.
You can watch Go Go Squid! on Youtube with English subs here.

6 thoughts on “Go Go Squid! is the first breakout rom-com of the summer

  1. Yang Zi really knows how to pick and project. And thank God I’m finally seeing Li Xian in a romcom! Hahaha. Seeing him act as Han Shang Yan has totally brought out my girly giggles. And I’m a grown adult!

    • Yang Zi is such a natural actress she brings out the best in the man acting with her. Any guy acting with her will be lucky because she is so natural suited to the roles she plays. Love to see her acting.

      • Completely agree. She has an undeniable charm and sincerity that draws out the emotions of the actors she is acting with. Though many may think she lacks the grace, beauty, and body image of people’s ideal “goddess” actress, she is undoubtedly one of the most dedicated and well-acted actresses born after 1990. Her real life personality is also so tomboyish and cute, and very grounded. I have now become an Auntie/Mama fan of hers.

  2. thou it’s too draggy for “simple” story line with 41 episodes but overall it’s very entertaining. afterall the draggy 41 episodes is more for commercial profits, but who cares– watching this drama worth every money and leisure time anyway.

  3. One of my fav drama in 2019 to date…. yes awkward yet cute especially HSY when he start missing Nian Nian 😍 the drama is as good as the novel

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