Novoland: Eagle Flag begins streaming today

Novoland: Eagle Flag is the 4th major historical or fantasy drama to drop with barely any notice.

The long-awaited fantasy drama Novoland: Eagle Flag began airing today. As with all last minute announcements, there is a lack of promos, so here’s the last round-up post I did before they pulled the show off air in early June.

The 56 episode drama will release 2 episodes from Tuesday to Thursday this week, and then release 2 episodes every Monday to Thursday beginning next week. Watch the show on Youku and Tencent (both region-blocked)  and on a two-day delay on Youtube on this channel.

6 thoughts on “Novoland: Eagle Flag begins streaming today

  1. I watched two episodes and it’s beautiful. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s the first drama of its kind that delivers on its trailer, be it aesthetics or mood or storytelling.

  2. It’s now 56 episodes. And while it aired/began streaming in China on July 16th, it won’t be available on YouTube until July 19th (according to NEF’s ad on the YouTube channel).

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