Promo Round-Up: Go Go Squid!

Who could say no to the sweetness that is Yang Zi?

Yang Zi, Li Xian, and Hu Yitian’s rom-com Go Go Squid 亲爱的,热爱的 (formerly 蜜汁炖鱿鱼) airs today, July 9th.   Yang Zi plays a brilliant IT student who doubles as a cover artist who falls in love with the workaholic competitive gamer played by Li Xian. Hu Yitian joins the mix as a rival gamer. The daily drama is available on Youtube here.

Theme song MV ; BTSTrailer 1 ; Trailer 2 ; TV Spot; Trailer 3 below: 

7 thoughts on “Promo Round-Up: Go Go Squid!

  1. I’m not keen on her style but I like his, so I’ll have to consider whether to give this a look-see. If she’s at all like her “Ode to Joy” persona/type I’ll have to take a hard pass though.

    • This drama is definitely more her style than his, but more like Yang Zi in Ashes of Love or The Destiny of White Snake than her in Ode to Joy.

      It’s pretty brainless cuteness, so you would like this if you liked O2O or The Boss & Me (both from the same company) and not if you didn’t like them.

  2. My girl YZ has a playful personality, she can effortlessly nail the character of Tong Nian. And I am loving Li Xian from what i have seen from the first ep and trailers

    • I wasn’t totally sold on the first two episodes, but I’ve gotten to episode three and the two are adorable! Yang Zi and Li Xian are perfect for their roles and two have great chemistry.

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