The Empress of Ming leaks long trailer

Tang Wei, Zhu Yawen, Deng Jiajia, Zhang Yixin, and Qiao Zhenyu’s Ming dynasty bioepic Empress of the Ming appears to have leaked a long trailer. It looks way more polished than the first one. Watch it now while it’s still up. It’s gone

3 thoughts on “The Empress of Ming leaks long trailer

  1. The trailer is definitely much better than the teaser but I prefer the costumes to be brighter.
    On second thoughts, Zhang Yixing in “Empress of the Ming” looks a lot like Hu Ge, especially when he grows a beard and he looked like he was channeling Mei Changsu when he was wearing furs.

  2. This looks seriously great. Definitely something I’d love to see. Is it a movie? Will it ever be subbed?

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