Loosely based on Xiancheng’s novel of the same name, The Controllers stars Cai Wenjing and Liu Kai as the protagonists who work together with police to bring down the criminal organisation led by Fu Shenxing (Peng Guanying). [Extended Synopsis]

5 thoughts on “Cai Wenjing, Peng Guanying’s crime thriller releases first trailer”

  1. The trailer looks amazing. Given the shortage of controlling male leads lately, this could definitely breakout if they follow the book plot even for the first ten episodes or so.

      1. Arguably abusive? The last big hit male lead who was this crazy was Hawick Lau in Sealed with a Kiss 千山暮雪. In this drama they changed the male lead, but based on the promos I’m guessing he’ll still have a good chunk of the scenes.

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