Wang Kai, Wang Ou, Liu Yijun cast in upcoming thriller Hunting

Both actors recently wrapped up filming for Held in the Lonely Castle and The Awakening of Insects respectively.

It’s a The Disguiser reunion! Wang Kai, Wang Ou, Liu Yijun and Hu Jun have been cast in Linmon Pictures’ upcoming modern thriller Hunting 猎狐, a drama that revolves around the investigation of cross-border economic crimes. It’s loosely based on the “Sky Net Investigation 天网行动” that sent over a hundred Interpol red notices for mostly corruption crimes.

Xia Yuan (Wang Kai) is a rising star in the police force who is known for his deduction and mathematics skills. A key player in the newly formed economic crimes unit, Xia Yuan strongly suspects that Wang Bolin’s (Liu Yijun) business empire is funded through dealings with overseas criminals. However, Wang Bolin is always able to wriggle out of his grasp, and successfully immigrates to a new country. A few years later, a dedicated operation team is set up, and the hunt begins in earnest.

The drama covers the decade from 2006-2016 when the flow of hot money into China was at unsustainable levels, and a good chunk of the drama is adapted from real cases. Directed by Liu Xin (Age of Legends) and written by Zhao Dongling (In the Name of the Law, Red Rose), the drama is tentatively scheduled for 35 episodes.

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