Ten Quotes of Love by Zhang Yunlei X Yang Jiulang

” May we never again face separation in neither life nor death.  Thank you to all the powers that be that let me still  be by your side. ”    – Yang Jiulang to Zhang Yunlei

Here are ten off-stage exchanges between the  most romantic and dramatic duo, singer-comedian Zhang Yunlei and his partner Yang Jiulang. Their on-stage lines are also super cute (ex: “I don’t need friends, just Yang Jiulang. ”  “It’s not that I can’t play the lead, but I just want to be the supporting actor to you.”)

If you’re interested in seeing them live, they will be headlining their first overseas event in New Zealand and Australia this September. More info here.

“It’s not that I can’t play the lead, but I just want to be the supporting actor to you.” – Yang Jiulang (while in-character)

Yang Jiulang has been a fan of Zhang Yunlei way before they had met, even auditioning for their company by studying this recording of 12-year-old Zhang Yunlei. The two immediately clicked their very first conversation and ditched their original partners to be with each other.

  1. “The first time Jiulang talked to me, it was like a tiny bug crawled into my heart. The tiny bug was tickling my heart. “
    – Zhang Yunlei on their first conversation over noodles (Weibo fan group)  
  2. “Let’s pretend nothing was said today. Tomorrow we still have to continue to perform with our separate partners. Let’s see what happens. If fate be willing, we’ll be together.” – Zhang Yunlei to Yang Jiulang in their very first conversation together, when they immediately clicked and had the impulse to leave their respective partners.
     Zhang Yunlei proceeded to ask his brother-in-law/teacher/boss Guo Degang to pair them together. Sometimes fate = taking initiative.  (贵圈 2018.1.24  interrview, link )

As you may know from Ten things about Zhang Yunlei , Zhang Yunlei miraculously survived the equivalent of a four-story fall in August 2016. Yang Jiulang was asked to find a new partner since few thought Zhang Yunlei would be able to return to the stage, but Yang Jiulang stuck with him.

  1. “Don’t say anything. Just stay alive” – Yang Jiulang’s first words to Zhang Yunlei after seeing him in the ICU.
    “You’re cutting off my tubes.” – Zhang Yunlei’s response
  2. “Thank you for returning to my side. In the future, whatever makes you happy, whatever you want to do, go do it. I’ll follow you. As long as you are alright, I’ll be with you on everything. ”
    – Yang Jiulang to Zhang Yunlei in the ICU ,as recounted by Zhang Yunlei ( audio)
  3. Q: What’s the most unforgettable event in your growth as a person?
    Yang Jiulang: When he fell and was bed-ridden for five months. There’s nothing more unforgettable for me. When he fell, it was like I also fell. My whole heart broke down during that time. He was physically broken and I was emotionally broken.
    Zhang Yunlei: He has emotional trauma.  ( So Cool 2017.8 issue, link)
  4. “He’s been through death, and I’ve been through death with him.”
    – Yang Jiulang (
    Joyful Comedians S2E9, video)
  5. ” May we never again face separation in neither life nor death. Thank you to all the powers that let me still be by your side 🙏 May my diva be happy, and not just during your birthday🎂  ”
    – Yang Jiulang to Zhang Yunlei (2017.1.4 Weibo, screencap)
  6. “The coolest thing I can do is for you to turn to your left and always see me standing behind the table✌️ Happy birthday, my diva 🎂 I want to always be one of many things that brings you joy👈  for that’s the greatest skill I can have✅ ”
    Yang Jiulang  to Zhang Yunlei. (2019.1.12 Weibo,  link, screencap)
  7. Q: What’s a complaint you have about each other?
    Zhang Yunlei: He’s so clingy. Everytime I feel down, he just clings to me and try to get me to laugh.
    Yang Jiulang: He gives me so many nicknames. If he calls out a new name, I just assume it’s me.    (超级星饭团 interview, vid)
  8. Q: What’s your plan this year(2019)?
    Yang Jiulang: In 2019, wherever he wants to go, I’ll go with  him.
    Yang Jiulang later in the interview: I know, my goal is to make him so frustrated he’ll be happy.
    (In Shanghai 2019 Valentine’s Day Special issue, link)

This is only some of their off-stage statements. Their performances are so shippy that one uploader has compiled forty-three episodes of 20 to 50-min each of shippable moments of the two here.  You can watch some of their performances with captions on Youtube here.  Learn more about Zhang Yunlei’s various musical talents here.    

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