Promo Round-up: Novoland: Eagle Flag

Novoland: Eagle Flag stars Liu Haoran, Song Zu’er and Chen Ruoxuan as the new generation of young heroes who rise up against the tyrannical warlord Ying Wuyi (Zhang Fengyi). [Extended Synopsis]

The 68 episode drama releases two episodes every Monday to Thursday on Zhejiang TV, while Youku/Tencent members get a 6 episode head start.

Episode 1 preview, Theme song by Ayanga, Liu Haoran BTS, Props & Etiquette, Costumes

11 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Novoland: Eagle Flag

  1. Half an hour before airing, Novoland was pulled (I can’t figure out the term the announcement used as the reason.), without new airing date. Final episode of new Investiture of the Gods was pulled. A new drama suddenly aired in its place, surprising everyone including the drama’s officials themselves. Seems like new Prince of Tennis was scheduled to take over Investiture of the Gods’ time slot on June 4th. It has been bumped off the schedule. No new airing date.

    • I’ve heard a rumor on weibo that Hunan TV (broadcaster of “Investiture of the Gods”) and Zhejiang TV(Novoland Eagle Flag) were engaged in a turf war and reported each other’s drama which resulted in both getting taken down. If true, this would be hilarious..

      • Aren’t they pretty much regional monopolies? Thus, no direct conflict over viewership. And the dramas tend to rotate among broadcasters.

        My guess is something to do with the sensitivity over Tiananmen Square Protest 30th anniversary. Not that they contain such subject matter or even anything indirectly about it. Just highly anticipated shows around time might provide opportunities for “inappropriate” (deemed by Chinese government) comments to appear before large number of audience.

  2. Okay…it is now official, the English-only speaking persons within the United States is now in an Asian drama drought. I so miss the Dramafever I once knew….

    • Some former dramafever employees have already set up a new streaming website:

      The new site mainly features Chinese dramas (from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan). It just launched recently and is still a work in progress with new dramas being added frequently.

  3. The premiere got pulled off air at the last second. Broadcasting channels didn’t really explain why or issue a new release date. Hopefully it’s not officially canceled because that would be a real bummer – drama looked superb.

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