Round-up of current filming dramas

Eleanor Lee and Zhao Yiqin seeks the throne in Replacement Princess

A round-up of currently filming dramas, mostly detective procedurals and  rom-coms,  without their own posts yet.  Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

Replacement Princess 冒牌太子妃
Starring: Eleanor Lee, Zhao Yiqin
The rise to power of a free-spirited bandit who somehow stumbles into marriage with the Crowned Prince.

Horizontal Tower 摩天大楼
Starring: Yang Zishan, Guo Tao, Angelababy
Director: Leste Chen , Matt Wu, Chao-Jen Hsu
A  murder mystery told from eight different perspectives, with the audience tasked to figure out who is lying and why.

Traces 痕迹
Starring: Xu Zhengxi, Yao Chen
Modern police procedural



The Best of You in My Mind 全世界最好的你
Starring: Song Yiren, Chen Yao, Qu Jingjing
Lin Xichen and Xu Fang are a pair of bickering childhood friends with one mistaking love for friendship, and the other too scared to call it love.    Based on the novel Frosting Romance 奶油味暗恋.

To Our Sweet Love


To Our Sweet Love 致我们甜甜的小美满
Starring: Liu Renyu of Produce 101, Gong Jun, Li Geyang, Wanyan Luorong, Gao Qiuzi
A rom-com in the same series as A Love So Beautiful and Put Your Head on My Shoulder. Based on the novel 舟而复始.

Officer Missy 少女大人
Starring: Chen Yao, Zhang Linghe
Ancient police procedural rom-com from the team of Chef Fang.



First Romance

First Romance 初恋了那么多年
Starring: Riley Wang Yilun, Wan Peng
Some sort of school romance

Cupid’s Kitchen 电视剧舌尖上的心跳
Starring:  Ethan Ruan, Song Zu’er,
Some sort of a rom-com involving chefs

The Final Notebook 终极笔记
Starring Zeng Shunxi as Wu Xia, Xiao Yuliang as Zhang Qiling and Hanikezi as A’ning  in yet another adaptation fo the Tomb Raider series. This one is scheduled to cover four books,


Faith 信仰
Starring: Qin Junjie, Kan Qingzi, Li Naiwen, Ma Yashu, Gan Tingting
Republican Era espionage series focusing on the intelligence team headed by Li Kenong

Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain 雪山飞狐

The team of the new adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes team up for yet another Jin Yong adaptation. The series stars newcomers Zhang Kaitai, Jiang Zhenyu, Zhang Chenghang, and Jiang Yuan.   It’ll be filmed in the snowy peaks of  Changbai Mountains and Xinjiang. No news on casting for any of the other adaptations of Jin Yong

The almost all new cast of Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain.

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