Air date update, June 2019

[Updated: June 3rd]

Young Blood 大宋少年志 ~ Jun 3

Featuring: Zhang Xincheng, Zhou Yutong, Zheng Wei
Details: 36 episodes, 2 eps every Mon-Wed on Hunan TV
In the Northern Song Dynasty, six youths are trained as spies and help defend the capital from power-hungry military governors.

Bureau of Transformers 动物管理局 – Jun 5
Starring: Wang Ziwen, Chen He
Details: 24 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi
Wang Ziwen and Chen He working for an agency in charge of regulating animal-looking aliens aka yaoguai that can also transform into humans.

The Lost Tomb 2 盗墓笔记2 (怒海潜沙 & 秦岭神树)
Starring: Hou Minghao, Cheng Yi, Li Man
Details: weekly drama on Tencent
The crew goes under the sea to explore the fallen ship of a Ming dynasty fengshui master.

Blowing in the Wind 强风吹拂 – Jun 6
Starring: Xing Zhaolin, Li Kaixin, Chanon Santinatornkul
Details: 28 episodes, weekly drama on Youku
A pair of college students work together to revive their college mountaineering club.

Growing Pain 少年派 – Jun 6
Starring: Zhang Jiayi, Yan Ni
Details: 41 episodes, daily drama on Hunan TV
Focuses on three families as their kids prepare for university entrance examinations.

Unrequited Love 暗恋·橘生淮南 – Jun 10
Starring: Zhu Yanmanzi, Zhao Shunran
Details: 28 episodes, 2 eps every Mon-Tues on Tencent
Tells of the two-way crush between the leads.

Gank Your Heart 陪你到世界之巅 – Jun ??
Starring: Wang Yibo, Li Zixuan
Details: 40 episodes, weekly drama on Mango TV (MGTV)
Tells of the romance between an internet star and a talented gamer.

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