Chen Feiyu, He Landou poster for My Best Summer (film version of The Best of Us)

Posters, stills, photoshoots, and random photos that caught my eye this week. This week is mostly June schedules of celebrities.

Luo Yunxi
Yang Mi
Wu Xize
Zhong Chuxi
Song Weilong
Bai Lu
Feng Shaofeng
Feng Shaofeng’s comedian doppelganger Meng Hetang
Ju Jingyi
Nazha / Gulnazar
Tia Ray
Wang Hedi
Guan Hong
Wang Zixuan
Han Dongjun
Li Qin
Deng Lun

Wang Sulong
New poster of Jing Chao, Zhang Xueying, and Aarif Rahman in currently airing Princess Silver

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One thought on “Friday Photos aka June schedules”

  1. I’m loving almost everything coming from My Best Summer: the trailers, the MVs, the posters. They use songs from an Iceland indie band, The Evening Guests, for the trailers — and now I listen to the band’s songs in repeat mode. I couldn’t help think how the song choice for the trailer is a shout out to Arthur’s works: the band’s name, and the album title (Summerland).

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