Handsome Siblings releases new trailer

Is Handsome Siblings the worst translated wuxia title? 

Upcoming adapatation of wuxia novel Handsome Siblings has  released a new trailer focusing on the star-crossed fate of the two leads played by Chen Zheyuan and Hu Yitian.   Still no news on when it’ll air yet.

2 thoughts on “Handsome Siblings releases new trailer

  1. Hu Yitian agency cancel their contract with him. his scandal has made him so out of favour with the public….
    I am not surprised all his projects are delayed.

    • I think it is pretty standard for dramas to not have news of airing dates until right before it’s airing.
      He seems to be fine given that he just started a new drama with Tencent with a solid cast (Zhang Yunlong as his supporting male lead).

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