Zhang Tian’ai joins the cast as one of the concubines of the Emperor Renzong of Song

Song dynasty drama Held in the Lonely Castle 孤城闭 announced its latest round of cast members, including Zhang Tian’ai, Cao Xiwen, Wu Yue, Xu Lingyue, Zhang Benshuo, Wen Yanbo, and Ding Jiawen.

Directed by Zhang Kaizhou (The Story of Minglan) , the historical drama is about the Emperor Renzong of Song’s struggle to balance the factions both within and outside his palace while trying to push through new reforms. The series stars Wang Kai, Jiang Shuying, Ren Min, and Bian Cheng.

Ding Jiawen plays the princess’ first love.

Wu Yue as Liu E, the mother of the Emperor Renzong of Song.
Xu Lingyue as Lady Miao
Cao Xiwen as Lady Jia.
Comedian Zhang Benshuo (Yes Boss! ) as Ouyang Xiu, a proponent of major reforms attempting to increase the meritocracy and efficiency of the government
Chen Weidong as Wen Yanbo, a major opponent of reforms. He believed that the government should be ruled by the elite and not with the people.
Chu Junchen as Sima Guang, the dude most famous for smashing open a pottery pot to save a friend’s life.


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    1. To be fair, Su Dongpo once described Song Renzong using the phrase “天容玉色谁敢画 who dares to paint this beauty of the heavens, the face of jade.”

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