Sun Yi, Zhang Haowei lead Chinese remake of Prosecutor Princess

Titled Hello Prosecutor 你好检察官, the upcoming modern romance drama is a remake of Korean TV series Prosecutor Princess, and stars Sun Yi (All Out of Love) as Jiang Wenjing, the daughter of a wealthy family who gets herself appointed as a prosecutor behind her family’s back.

Unfortunately, Jiang Wenjing is a fish out of water at her new workplace, and she starts to think that following her dreams wasn’t a good idea in the first place. Genius lawyer Ren Tianyu (Zhang Haowei) swoops in to save the day, and helps Jiang Wenjing turn her life around. However, he’s very secretive and mysterious, and keeps his true intentions hidden from the heroine.

Directed by Cui Liang (My Bittersweet Taiwan), the 45 episode drama is a bulk of the way through filming.

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