Promo Round-up: Princess Silver

Princess Silver stars Zhang Xueying (Summer’s Desire) as Rong Le, a princess who wants to take control of her own destiny. Her suitors are played by Aarif Lee (Swords of Legends II), Jing Chao (Ruyi’s Royal Love) and Luo Yunxi (Ashes of Love). [Extended Synopsis]

The 60 episode drama releases 2 episodes every Wednesday to Saturday on Tencent.

First trailer, Second trailer

9 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Princess Silver

  1. This is my absolute drama crack since Bloody Romance. The cast is amazing especially Jing Chao/Fu Chao who plays the 2nd/3rd lead lol Why have I not noticed him before!? It also took me a while to stop paying too much attention to the glaring beauty filter where you cant even see the actors pores … music is wonderful (ML sings two of the songs on the OST) and I’m dying to see how they play out the scene where the FL turns into the titular Princess Silver!

  2. I’m both excited and anxious. Excited ’cause I LOVE Zhang Xue Ying ever since I’ve seen her in raws of Summer’s Desire, love Aarif Rahman, think they will make a great pairing and because the story looks awesome (also because I can’t wait to see Xue Ying in a costume drama) but anxious because we can’t be sure that it will be subbed and I’m still mourning for the absence of Summer’s Desire TT
    By the way, I know this has nothing to do with the post but since you’re well informed abut chinese entertainment, I wanted to know if you knew anything about :
    -Guan Xiao Tong and the cast of The Dream of Red Mansions 红楼梦 ?
    – Invisible King 不王之王 ?
    -Zheng Shuang and Hou Ming Hao being in A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 ?
    -Chen Xing Xu and Sun Yi being in The Last Prince 最后的王公 ?
    – Chen Xing Xu being in A Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 ?
    -The Deer and the Cauldron with Zhang Yi Shan ?

  3. Watched a few episodes and my first impression is that the costumes and make-up are gorgeous. Also, everyone is really good-looking. Even all the maids and bodyguards are attractive.

    There’s also a couple of really stylized scenes that I think are pretty cool if not perfectly executed.

    • I also think the music cues are pretty nice. I do have one minor complaint though – the filters are so heavy I can’t even see the veins on Zhang Xueying’s hand.

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