First trailer for Tong Dawei, Zheng Shuang’s Republican drama

Here is the first trailer for Masked 绝密者, the upcoming spy action thriller starring Tong Dawei (If I Can Love You So) and Zheng Shuang (Youth Fight) as undercover operatives working for the Communists.

The drama is set during 1938 in Harbin, under the rule of a pro-Japanese government. Jin Haodong (Tong Dawei) is a Manchu prince by birth, and is described by people who know him as a carefree noble who just wants to lead a peaceful life. Of course, this is far from the truth, as Jin Haodong is actually a sleeper agent who is ordered to disrupt Japan’s plans to takeover key oil wells in China’s north-east.

Su Jiaman / Shadow Killer (Zheng Shuang) is an idealistic young woman who likes to attempt the impossible. She identifies as a news reporter, yet is actually a double agent working for the Communists.

Directed by Wang Lei (The Corner of Love), the 40 episode drama has yet to secure an air date.

Edited screenshots credit to: 闻汤食面泡剧

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  1. Looks like they’ve not left much for the actual show (unless there are many medical miracles). And it’s always good to see Shanghai Film Park get a good workout!

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