The Best Partner 精英律师 stars Jin Dong (Mr. Right) as Luo Bin, an arrogant top lawyer who only cares about winning cases. Lan Yingying (Never Gone) plays Dai Xi, a hot-blooded rookie lawyer who will have a bickering non-romantic(?) relationship with the male lead.

Sun Chun (Nirvana in Fire II) plays the law firm’s managing partner, who hasn’t had a friendly conversation with fellow partner Vivan Wu after their romance turned sour many years ago. Zhu Zhu (A or B) plays Luo Bin’s assistant, and Dai Xu (The Legends) costars as an ambitious young law graduate eager to rise up the ranks. Wang Ou, Yuan Quan and Lei Jiayin will guest star.

Directed by Liu Jin (White Deer Plain) and written by Chen Tong (Divorce Lawyers), the 45 episode drama began filming yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Jin Dong, Lan Yingying cast in upcoming legal drama The Best Partner”

  1. After Ep1/2: This feels like a Chinese version of Suits. Best thing about the show is the bickering between Luo Bin and his colleague/friend He Sai.

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