Action teaser released for Li Xian, Li Yitong’s Sword Dynasty

Sword Dynasty stars Li Xian as an ordinary cultivator who sets out to assassinate the king (Liu Yijun), while Li Yitong plays Zhangsun Qianxue, a skilled martial artist and daughter of an aristocrat.

Costars include Yao Di as the calculating queen Zheng Xiu and Peter Ho as Qianxue’s archenemy Wang Jingmeng.

7 thoughts on “Action teaser released for Li Xian, Li Yitong’s Sword Dynasty

  1. Oooh Li Yitong, a new gen fadan. I love her so much in LOCH & Bloody Romance. Not keen on the male lead, can he act? He looks more like a bodyguard than someone who can carry a lead role. Would’ve loved to see Qu Chuxiao co star with LYT again. They were great together, talented actors.

  2. wait what the heck the teaser actually looks really good. After the disappointment of Listening Snow Tower, I’ve set my sights on anticipating this wuxia drama instead.

  3. Ugh, no to the bangs on Li Xian! This is why Li Xian’s not doing the second season/sequel to Tientsin Mystic? Peter Ho, on the other hand, looks fab in his promo shots (why must he be the ‘arch enemy’?)

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